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Mariano Fragoso: Melanoma Angel

Mariano Fragoso: Melanoma ANGEL

In July 2017, I started to present some symptoms including headaches, numbness in my arms and legs, weight loss throughout the year and constant fatigue. My doctor told me to consult a dermatologist since the medical checkup revealed a suspicious mole on my back. The dermatologist suggested a biopsy as well as a head MRI which revealed metastasis on my right temporal lobe, ending on a final diagnosis of metastatic melanoma (Stage IV), with mets to my liver, skin, and brain. I had an estimated 18% chance of survival.

I was devastated and never felt it until it was too late. Just a single melanoma that started on my back and developed to this stage without giving me any sense of warning. I was wondering if it was worth it to fight, but I started looking to so many people sharing their experiences and that gave me the hope that I needed. I can tell there’s no better treatment than people around that completely understand it, live it and share it.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Update: We are sad to share since posting his story that Mariano has passed away.